_A refined ultrafast algorithm for identifying sequence-defined genomic elements

Multithreaded Electronic PCR

Last updated 2008/02/18

This is the home of me-PCR, descended from NCBI's e-PCR. The manual for the latest stable version is here.

me-PCR has not been maintained since 2008. Therefore, in general, you should use NCBI e-PCR instead of me-PCR.

The me-PCR package includes:

  • Manual
  • Source code

Prior to 1.0.6, packages contained ready-to-use binaries for AIX, OS X, Solaris, Linux, and Windows. I can create packages for these platforms upon request.

Download latest stable version of me-PCR

Package change history

me-PCR 1.0.6 February 18, 2008 (No binaries)
Fix for FASTA files containing "small" sequences when using multithreading.
me-PCR 1.0.5c April 12, 2004
FASTA files can now have multiple sequences.
me-PCR 1.0.5b April 4, 2004
Added X parameter to disallow 3' mismatches in both primers.
me-PCR 1.0.4 (STABLE), May 12, 2003
Now includes Linux binary for 1.0.4.
me-PCR 1.0.4, May 2, 2003
Now Windows-format input files work with both Windows and UNIX binaries. Note that the Windows version produces a Windows-format output file. AIX, OS X 10.2, and Windows binaries are all 1.0.4.
me-PCR 1.0.3, May 2, 2003
This package includes a lightly tested Windows binary and a source code bug fix to once again allow compilation and proper functioning under WIN32. Note: The 1.0.3 Windows version only operates correctly with UNIX-format text files. This will be corrected in an upcoming version.


Kevin Murphy <>

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